Profitable hotel plus 27 hectares adjoining

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Inactivated $7,500,000 - Business
Land Size   270000 M2. 26 Bedrooms 28 Bathrooms
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Profitable hotel and investment property:

Three Costa Rican SA’s own 100% of a beach hotel plus a total of 27 hectares adjoining prime property, mostly titled, along the coastal highway. The land also hosts the area’s favorite tourist attraction, the Jaguar Rescue Center.

The Hotel has 22 large modern view rooms and 4 two story suites, most with a/c and cable TV, all in very good shape, built to US standards in compliance with CR code ­ and earthquake­tested. We are on track toward another record year, with about 17% increase in year to year earnings to date.

It has been a leading hotel in the area and fills up quickly on weekends. One of very few local hotels directly on the beach, all Villas guest facilities overlook the warm natural coral pools of Playa Chiquita. Awards include CR’s official “Hojas” (leaves) for ecotourism, Trip Advisor and Three Stars from ICT.

Hotel amenities:
* Casita del Mar Azul Restaurant: Popular gourmet restaurant leased to
a experienced chef and operator, in first year of three year lease.
* Swimming pool with jacuzzi, waterfall, and large restaurant­style rancho.
* Games center and separate 40 person meeting room with A/C
* Manager’s suite with a/c plus private offices and lobby RE office
* All permits licenses, liquor patente, current with taxes, books in SJ office .
* Storage bodega, laundry room, parking for 40+ cars and buses

Land and business case:
It was originally settled and cleared by Jamaican cacao farmers over a hundred years ago. It has been owned by the sellers for over forty years. Mostly flat, well­drained and close to all services, the land across the road from the Hotel is partly developed. Low to moderate density residential, commercial and tourist facilities make up a thriving beachfront pueblo called Playa Chiquita.

Regrowth has turned into a gentle jungle with wildlife literally at your doorstep. Most of the land is potrero (pasture) completely fenced with concrete posts.

The property has an unusual wealth of clean fresh water from several sources, including coral aquifers located directly under our watershed.

Located right in the middle of the famous Puerto Viejo­Manzanillo beach zone, the property is outside all protected areas.

It has a strong business case for classic expansion into titled land to build a financial asset with 50+ rooms, possibly with third party financing. Indeed, development of the adjoining properties should yield enough to recoup the entire purchase price.

Motivated sellers: Asking $6.25 mm for all three SA’s with current lot and house inventory excluded. Some vendor financing may be available. Sales and hotel financial data available on request.

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