Rio San Clemente Farm

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For Sale $300,000 - Farms
Land Size   34109 M2.
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Rio San Clemente is a 34,109 M2 (8.4 acres) beach property located on the Caribbean Ocean, 35 kilometers South of the city of Limon, 20 minutes from the airport. The property is centrally located between Cahuita National Underwater Park and the developing and historic port city of Limón. Unlike the Pacific coast of Costa Rica the Caribbean coastline remains virtually undeveloped and undiscovered. The area has been protected by the government because of its beauty and variety of species living and migrating to this rainforest region.

Approximately 200 meters of beach

Approximately 1/2 of the “Rio San Clemente” property is located in the maritime restriction zone. These restrictions regulate density, building height, and ownership types. All beach property for 50 meters from the high tide line are owned in common with all Costa Ricans which means everyone can walk on the beach. Ownership and structures within the regulations can be established within the next 150 meters after the 50 meter setback. All proposed use plans shown below take into consideration these restrictions.
Playa San Clemente is a unique property that has a great deal of potential. After civil engineering and hydrologic studies were completed, the owners engaged the services of a land planner who offered several uses for this parcel. Several potential use plan scenarios were developed and evaluated.
The first scenario considers using the property for an ECO- LODGE Retreat.
This plan is shown above and includes the following;
• The main lodge building with a 75 seat restaurant, bathroom facilities, maintenance facility, laundry and office.
• The main entrance building includes a small store, eco-tour facility, spa buildings and bathrooms.
• 10 Casita private rental units
• 24 hotel rooms
• Private gardens
• Direct beach access
• Parking area.

The ECO-LODGE concept is very popular on the Caribbean Coast. These small boutique lodges can provide very upscale services and the amenities shown in this plan allow for destination type clients since all services are provided on site. The central location of this property allows sourcing services for tours with easy access to the facility.
This land use plan is designed around the concept of a private beach club. The land is held in condominium ownership and the structures are built on buildings pads that include only the structure and a small deck. All 26 condominium building pads are locate outside the Maritime Concession.
To maximize land use parking is in the concession area and small electric vehicles are used on narrow pathway roads to access the homes. The beach area is common for every ones use. Enough area remains in the concession area for a small clubhouse restaurant and storage facility for owners.
The following two illustrations reflect a land use plan where the property is used for two distinctive uses. The Concession area (Illustration One) shows a plan for a stand-alone ECO-LODGE with 24 rooms. This facility could house all the amenities of the previous lodge concept but on a smaller scale. The remaining private land is divided into 10 building lots for single family ownership. See (Illustration Two below).

Careful use of land preservation has been considered in all plans. Care was taken to preserve existing trees when designing roadways and structures. The concept of building site locations was established after designing several home types for the property. By building somewhat elevated from the ground the ground impact is reduced to a minimum and the taller homes can catch the evening sea breeze. The light yellow green area depicts where the residential building pad sites are located.

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