Jordan H. Morales

Company Agent at

Hi, I'm Jordan always ready for an adventure! My family and have called the Costa Rican Caribbean coast home for over 30 years. For well over a decade I have had the opportunity to serve clients throughout the Talamanca area, emphasised  in the costumer service in the tourism sector.

Puerto Viejo and surroundings are great areas for work and living, which is why I choose to call it home. With roots in the Bribri indigenous culture and a passion to serve the Talamanca community, I see my role as support character in your life story, so I feel happy to help with your home buying and selling needs. For most people  selling a home is a significant life event and represents a notable mile maker in your life. My responsibility is to give you straight-forward advice on how to navigate the process.As proud member of Secret View Real State family I do carry the values of hardworking, integrity, and outstanding client service into everything I do.What my clients have most appreciated in the past have been my abilities to communicate and negotiate. It's my responsibility to serve their needs and protect their interests.Bribri (Native). Português. English. Español.