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Robert Schreck

Vermont, USA

When my wife and I were looking for a place to retire, we decided Costa Rica was the right place for us.

The country is committed to preserving the incredible ecology and diversity of the natural beauty of the country, as well as ensuring the best possible health care. As we traveled and researched Costa Rica, we decided to live in the southern Caribbean side of the country, and that was most fortunate for us because it is a beach lover’s paradise, and we found an incredible realtor named Jose Tercero.

Jose is bilingual so we were confident he could understand our concerns and wishes.

Jose first made sure he knew what was important to our family, and what we needed to enjoy life in this beautiful area. Then, he spent over a year looking for just the right place, and he found it for us. His direct involvement was crucial as we worked through the property transfer in a foreign country. In addition, he helped us with the moving process by setting up telephone and internet services, satellite TV, and the legal issues of moving to a new country.

We have continued to rely on Jose’s support, even though we have lived here for over a year. When we have a problem, Jose is there to help us and resolve the issue.

Nancy Drew

New York, USA

Jose Tercero is an excellent realtor, the best you can find on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. I had a wonderful experience searching for, and finally finding (!), my dream house with Jose’s endless help. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable about the area, persevering, and is always anxious to make his clients happy. He has a rare work ethic and the longer you know him, the more you will notice and appreciate his outstanding set of values in general. He is one of the most honest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with and truly cares that he gives his clients the best possible experience.

He will always give you his honest opinion and yet I’ve never heard him say a single disparaging remark about anyone.

Here is someone you will surely come to trust and appreciate, as a person as well as a realtor.

Mona Belinda Moret


Jose Tercero is a great Realtor- very open-minded and helpful in many ways! We bought a plot of land in Cocles (Puerto Viejo) 3 years ago and Jose was the one organizing and coordinating the wholesale from beginning to the end! very professional in his job!!! We became friends along the road and made some nice trips together! as speaking business, he is most punctual, very reliable and always open for suggestions or willing to give you some !!! 10 points out of 10 – definitely someone to trust!

Jim & Jo LaDiana


My wife Jo and I were extremely satisfied with Jose Tercero’s friendly demeanor, professionalism, knowledge of the area-specific property details and concerns, making contact and negotiations with the seller, and recommendations as to legal representation and all follow-up communications with the lawyer. We highly recommend our Realtor, Jose Tercero

Fred Strong


We have been in the hotel and real estate business in the South Caribbean for 38 years. Jose Tercero recently closed two retail deals for our lots and has handled several client referrals, both on his own and as part of his former firm Caribe Sur.

He is dependable, professional, and highly principled, even when it comes to telling you things you don’t want to hear or did not expect.

That takes a commitment to integrity which is unusual in the real estate business, especially here in Costa Rica where anyone can claim to be a real estate agent. Jose Tercero is the real thing.